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We believe we have created a book worthy of the title “the best book ever about Africa”. For this we have sought out the foremost designers, printers, binders and other publishing partners. It is in every aspect a work of fine art and craft: the smithing of the words, the magnificence of the images and the hand binding in authentic leathers.

This is a book that will sit proudly on the tables and in the salons of those who love the history of exploration and discovery of what was once thought of as the “dark continent”.

It is available at a cost of R3500.00 (US$350.00). A percentage of proceeds from sales will be donated to Angels’ Care Centre, which incorporates a feeding scheme for indigent children, an adult literacy programme and a rape crisis clinic. Angels Care Centre is based in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

If you are interested in acquiring a copy of this prestigious volume please drop us a line and we’ll be in touch regarding delivery.

Go to our list of the African Icons we have included and explore these fascinating places.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls


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