Renowned writer David Bristow and award-winning photographers Roger and Pat de la Harpe – longtime
friends and business associates (authors of about 50 books individually as well as together) – have pooled their talents and visited Africa’s must-see places to share their insights with the world.

2014/2015 was the year in which they explored and documented the 21 most iconic places on the most beguiling continent on earth. After all, who would not want to say they have visited Table Mountain, the High Atlas, the wonders of ancient Egypt, the East African savanna, the great deserts of the Kalahari and the Namib, the jungles of central Africa and the continent’s wondrous coastline.

Purchase a copy of this exciting coffee table book on 21 top bucket-list places and animals, illustrated with spectacular photographs and inspiring text.

Each copy is hand-bound in leather and each has a customised page that can be tailored as a gift to a friend or client, for one’s own use, or as a corporate gift.

Using African Icons as your bucket list, whether you travel by plane, four-wheel drive, by foot or by armchair, to visit these places will be the greatest adventure of your lifetime. So, pack your bags (but keep them light), check your camera, and join the authors on the greatest African journey ever.

African Icons Book Cover

African Icons Book Cover

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